Monday, September 22, 2014

Top 5 best things about Dating a British Woman.

Being an American who has madly fallen in love with a beautiful, and witty British woman, I have come to love these 5 cultural passions. Now, sit back, grab a good brew and let the show commence.

Number 1: Humor or Humour as the British write it, can be found in everyday conversation. She spews out quick, witty and very thought out responses that always leaves me in stitches.

Number 2: Tea. Nothing screams British as much as a good tea. Being an American I had never given tea much thought, but since meeting my Queen I have come to see the importance of a good brew.

Number 3: Doctor Who. Do I really need to say anything else? Doctor Who is pure genius and what makes better a cold and rainy day? A Doctor Who marathon that is!

Number 4: Accent. Even getting into an argument brings a smile to my face because anything and everything sounds so sophisticated and beautiful with her accent! 
Number 5: Etiquette. Nothing like going out for dinner to find out that you eat like a savage while your British woman is eating with knife and fork, with full table manners. This quality is always refreshing to see, to know that there are true classy women still out there and I am glad I found my Beautiful witty British babe! 

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